Understanding Gay and Lesbian Youth

For the first time in my life I was proud.l was proud to be a lesbian.l was proud of my relation~ ship. ... But they don't understand that their sexual identity is accepted and validated every day, and when you're gay, you don't have ...

Understanding Gay and Lesbian Youth

Understanding Gay and Lesbian Youth assists the classroom teacher, school counselor, and administrator in relating to gay and lesbian youth and creating accepting and supportive learning climates. David Campos begins with a discussion of the current state of affairs regarding gay and lesbian youth in schools, including a discourse on the developmental milestones, and provides practical strategies for working effectively with these students. The text, concise, yet comprehensive, features: .Two surveys to assess school climates toward gay and lesbian youth .Quizzes about gay and lesbian issues .Personal stories by gay and lesbian youth and adults Perhaps the most salient feature of Understanding Gay and Lesbian Youth is that each chapter poses a series of questions relating to today's society, such as: .Why are gay and lesbian youth considered "at risk"? .How does the development of gay and lesbian youth differ from that of heterosexual youth? .What do I do if a student tells me he or she is gay or lesbian?"

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