In this YA contemporary novel from bestselling author Nancy Rue, perfectionism and steroid addiction collide in the life of one teen, whose carefully controlled world slowly falls apart.

Basketball is Cassidy Brewster’s life, and she is the biggest star on her high school team. But when a routine jump shot leaves her crumpled on the floor with a torn ACL, everything comes crashing down.

Cassidy would do anything to get back on the floor, away from the tensions at home. Without her future basketball career to distract him, her father is picking even more fights, and her older brother is accusing Cass of purposely injuring herself so their parents can’t help him financially. So when her future sister-in-law offers a solution she promises is a quick fix to everyone’s problems, Cassidy pushes aside her trepidation and begins taking the offered pills. But then her problems really start. And not even a mysterious book and the friendship of fellow “loser” and possible crush Rafe may be enough to make everything right again.

Tournaments, Cocoa & One Wrong Move:
uses a fictional story to explore the realities of prescription drug addictionfeatures protagonists who are dealing with anxiety and parental abuseprovides an inspirational message for those dealing with tough circumstancesis the third book in the Real Life series, but can also be read as a stand-alone novel

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