"The Lord's Prayer", alongside an easy to understand application for children. Filled with colorful illustrations and 10 additional written prayers.

This book is a useful tool to help introduce your child to a life of prayer, as well as to God's word, the Bible. We will see a sample prayer from Jesus, to his beloved father and thereby discover how we can talk to God too. 

We've included the original Bible verses of "the Lord's prayer" to help children get familiar with the Bible chapters, as we've done with others in the "Bible Chapters for Kids" series. 

You will find an adapted version for children to better understand and relate to, in their everyday life. 

Your child will experience the joys and pleasures of bringing the Lord into their days through prayer. They will love the illustrations given, as you talk together and come up with other similar examples that they enjoy. 

At the end of the book, you will find additional prayers for different times of the day. For when they wake up, meal times, times of play, and bedtime. 

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