What's worse than spending weeks in a Fae Sidhe with the formidable White Queen? Not remembering a second of it. And that's exactly the problem when I'm deposited in a forest outside Los Angeles, some six months after fleeing Seattle and Connor Thorne's declaration of love.

If only stolen memories were the end of my problems.

The amulet that muted the bond between Connor and me is missing, lost or taken in the Sidhe. I'm back on his radar, a fact as thrilling as it is terrifying. We have unfinished business—the emotional kind, which happens to top my list of Things To Avoid. 

What I can't avoid is being sucked into another criminal investigation, this time involving three missing women, a mysterious new drug, and more questions than answers. Before long I'm eyeball deep in new conspiracies and old ones, with Connor back at my side.

This time, though, even our combined powers might not be enough to save me.

Unraveling is the third installment of the Ascension Series.

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