In 1975, budding entrepreneurs Ted and Janet purchase a floral shop and greenhouses where they plan to grow their dream. Leaving friends and family behind in Illinois and losing the security of two paychecks, they transplant themselves, their one-year-old daughter, and all their belongings to Fremont, Michigan, where they know no one.
Will the retiring business owners nurture Ted and Janet as they struggle to develop a blooming business, or will they desert the inexperienced young couple to wither and die in their new environment?
Most of all, can Ted and Janet grow together as they cultivate a loving marriage, juggle parenting with work, and root a thriving business?
Follow this couple’s inspiring story, filled with the joy and triumphs and the obstacles and failures experienced as they travel along the turbulent path of turning dreams into reality.

Editorial Review
“I was fortunate to read an advance reader copy. At first it was only the first chapter but had to read the rest and signed on to read and review because I had to see how they survived and thrived. I was transported back in time when business women were rare and mostly in big cities. This story chronicles the dreams and hardships of a couple moving to a new state and a small closely-knit town to make a living. Not only will you see the insights of operating a floral shop, but how each decision could make or break the business. But don't be misled, this isn't a dry read but filled with humorous and heartbreaking anecdotes surrounded by a love story. I'm not a regular memoir reader but this one hooked me from the first chapter!” WS Gager

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