The Command Handbook provides practical information, examples and tips to guide first officers on their journey through the command upgrade. While the main aim of The Command Handbook is to provide guidance through the upgrade, there is also plenty of useful information for seasoned commanders.
The Command Handbook is divided into six chapters. Each chapter features high quality photos and graphics to make your study as enjoyable as possible. 
The first chapter Progress to Command offers tips, areas to focus on and what to study on each step of the way (from junior first officer to command line check).
The second chapter Commander’s CRM focuses on different CRM aspects from the position of the team leader.
The third chapter Commander’s Role focuses on various duties and responsibilities of a commander.
The fourth chapter Non-normal management focuses on basic handling of non-normal situations
The fifth chapter Aircraft Technical Log discusses MEL, CDL, ATL and how to deal with defects.
The sixth chapter offers tips on Turnaround Management

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