The Judo Advantage explores the dynamics of how and why the human body works most efficiently for throwing, submission, and pinning techniques. Although judo provides the basis for the author’s analysis, his insights also relate to other grappling sports such as Russian sambo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and Olympic and collegiate wrestling.
Gain a competitive edge using the principles of human biomechanics. Master the ability to control your opponent’s movements. Improve fluency for seamless transition between techniques. Generate incredible power and speed.
This book features:
In-depth analysis of stances, balance breaking, throws, takedowns, transitions, ground fighting, trapping, footwork, combinations, gripping, posting, linear and angular movement, torque, generating power, evading, generating force, changing directions, and stability Over 200 action photos Drills and winning insight for coaches and athletes of grappling arts
Steve Scott merges traditional martial wisdom with modern kinesiology, the study of human anatomy and movement. This new biomechanical perspective helps competitors develop every facet of their grappling skill, giving them a clear advantage in controlling opponents.

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