This beautifully illustrated field guide is designed to help readers identify 146 species of frogs and toad species found in Costa Rica. The visually stunning graphics include nearly 600 color photos, more than 80 black and white photos, and 7 original paintings of endangered or extinct species. Most images depict animals on a white background, minimizing distractions and focusing on the beauty and form of each species. Each species has a full body profile image, and nearly all species have additional photos from various angles, as well as depictions of key attributes. High resolution images allow readers to zoom in to see important morphological details. 

The book includes sections on the authors, photography, maps, how to find frogs and toads, strategies for identification, and a visual glossary. Another useful segment of the book is a visual guide to the families of frogs and toads in Costa Rica, which allows readers to visually compare animals grouped both taxonomically and by physical similarities. This allows quick comparisons to narrow down possible identities, and each image functions as a link to the species account. 
The majority of the book consists of species accounts, which include a detailed description of physical features with key traits bold-faced for quick recognition. In addition, similar species are listed and differences are clarified. Descriptions are provided of male calling sites and of their advertisement call, and readers can listen to the calls of over 100 species! The species accounts end with a description of habitat associations and the species distribution in Costa Rica, and detailed color range maps are provided. 

Although other books on Costa Rican amphibians exist, this guide provides the perfect combination of details, images, audio, and portability making it an essential companion for anyone curious to know what species of frogs and toads they encounter in Costa Rica.

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